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 What can the dibaotoys.com do for you?
  • Our old customers,I think our website www.dibaotoys.com would bring your great convenience.As our Super VIP users,that means you will be the most powerful toys seller in the world.Our online service shall show you the most representative,latest,saleable products in real-time.In particularly,you may get the best preferential price at the first time.
  • Thought you are not our clients at present, we also try our best to content your requirement.We will reply you at the earliest time when you inquiry online.In the meantime,we would appreciate it if you refer your application for VIP user.You will become one of our VIP user quickly.
 How to look into our products online?
  • Please use our product index.Click the guidance on your left hands you will easy to find the products you are looking for.
  • How to find products in dibaotoys.com?
    Just click {Go} after you put the possible product information in the research text.You can find what you want.
  • The function of the press bottom [more info].
    Click [more info] when you need to see the detail for the goal product,and also to minimize the photo.
 [my note] and [add to my note] ?What function?
  • [my note] like a note book to record something benefit for you.Click [add to my note] bottom,your record of product will easy to your "note book".
  • [my note] may also use for print product information, inquiry prices and place order.
 Function for [user login].
  • For Super VIP,you are welcome to check the prices and place order through [my note].
  • How to apply for Super VIP user?
    Please find[apply for user] on the left hand window,and click it, then put your information in it and then click [submit] bottom.Your VIP account will be opened soonest.
  • How to revise your personnel data?
    You may find the [user login] which on the left window,login by your account and code,and then click [edit user info] bottom on the left window,then you can freely to revise your data.
 When you want to make an inquiry,how should you do?
  • For not Super VIP user,you are only allowed to inquiry for price,and then add the price of the inquiry products to [my note] by clicking [add to my note],and then clicking [inquire price] again to confirm the information and submit your sheet.
 When I intend to place order,how should I do?
  • For Super VIP user,you are allowed to "place order",click [user login] to login.And then add the products you need to [my note] by clicking [add to my note],put the quantity in [quantity] text,and then click [order] to confirm your order and submit it.Thank you.
 When I want to recommend the products in dibaotoys.com to my friends,how should I do?
  • Now,please open [more info] of the products,fill in [his name],[my name],[my e-mail],and then click [send now],your friends would happy to receive that.

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